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It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student or a writer or a blogger, we bet you’ve got great knowledge and resources from your own experiences and thoughts to create great content.

Have you got an idea to challenge our readers?

Knowledge only has true value when it’s shared.Tony Geoghan

We always love to have new writers to our authors pool. Write an original and high-quality article related to the topic of our blog to showcase your piece of work in front of the world of web.

What you can write?

You can submit articles with essays, how-to guides, question & answers, tips & techniques, research papers and trends on technology niche.


Extended content for an existing article. Text content, images, videos, gifs, quotes or any other suggestions

Guest writer guidelines.

We only accept articles that well researched and well crafted original content with 1000+ word count. Content should be evident, useful and actionable with trending technology topics. You can use your own tone to make more obvious, so readers can easily understand your point of view on the topic. Please do not use predictions and hypothetical expressions. Choose only topics that you have enough expertized and technically proven.

Few guidelines for drafting your guest post:

  • Captivating and engaging title and opening.
  • Limit introduction and go straight to the point.
  • Narrate through your own perspectives and try to conversate with the audiences through the topic (like asking questions, missing things, for their favourite method/thing).
  • Add appropriate images, quotes, infographs and videos if possible.
  • Structure your article with sub-headings and lists.
  • credit sources if applicable.
  • Avoid spell & grammar mistakes (We know you don’t).
Note: Do not send promotional content or content that published elsewhere on the internet or even on your blog.

How to submit your guest post?

Just email your submission in MS-Word format or Google document to here.


If your content looks like a good fit, we will get back to you.

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