How to unsent an email? In Gmail and Outlook.

In our daily routine life, we send a number of emails for the different purpose either business or personal. We all do mistakes while composing and sending an email due to the busy life and time limitations. If you are facing this case? You must know that Google and Microsoft allow us to undo send an email even after hitting the send button.

You do not know how? Check out this article to how to unsent email after sending an email? Gmail allows 30 seconds maximum to time and Outlook allows 10 seconds maximum to unsent an email. By the way, you can adjust this unsent time on both Gmail and Outlook.

Here is how to unsent email in Gmail and Outlook?

As per a survey in 2015 around 210 billion emails are transferring per day, and this count will increase day by day. An average employee in a small company receive 90 emails and send 40 emails per day.

Unsent email in Gmail:

In Gmail we 5 seconds to 30 seconds grace time to unsent an email, 1st click on customize settings button and select settings from the drop-down menu. The below video will help you it works exactly.

Video Translation:

Now you will get Gmail settings after selecting settings. Now you have to adjust the unsent time in undo send options. You can adjust the undo send time min 5 seconds to 30 seconds max.

After selecting undo send time yo have to save the settings by clicking the bottom button called save changes, Gmail will reload now. Now test how undo send works in Gmail?

How it works:

Compose an email and hit send after email sent you to get an option to undo and view the message. Now simply click on undo option.

It will take you back to compose the email. Now you can edit and make changes to the email and send again perfectly, check the above video explains well.

Unsent email in Outlook:

The undo sent email option available on Outlook, but we have only 5 to 10 seconds grace time (in Gmail its 5 to 30 sec) in Outlook. The same in Google you to modify Outlook setting to enable unsent email. Watch below video for reference.

Go to outlook settings, click on settings gear icon at the top right side on the Outlook. Now select view all Outlook settings, you will get complete Outlook setting here. Select Compose and Reply options and scroll down, now you will see Undo send option here.

You can adjust the undo send an email 5 seconds to 10 seconds and click on Save (you can find save and discard button at top right side).

How it works:

When you compose an email after hitting send button you will get an option to undo (see the below image).

If did any mistakes while composing an email you can use this option to unsent an email, it will take you back to compose window.

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