4 Quick Tips for Parents of Socially Active Teens!

Teens of this age are socially active. They stay online 24/7 and check their profiles every now and then. Being a parent you might think of their routine a bit odd, however, you can’t snatch their devices away in any case. Obviously, they have thousands of reasons to hold their devices tight in their hands and they also master the art of manipulating facts to make you agree to them.

So, be a smart parent, and instead of being a Hitler to your kid, look for better ideas to control their activities. For your consideration, here are 4 quick tips you can take help from.

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1. Understand Social networking:

The first thing that you should do is getting acquainted with the basic idea of social networking to know what is that something that hooks your teens’ interest and makes them check their profiles off and on. You can start by creating accounts on top social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc.

And join your kids there. Be aware that the purpose is only to know the charm rather than getting your head into social networking.

2. Communicate Online Safety tips to your teen:

Once you know the science behind social networking, you will also get to know the dangers attached to being socially active. Here comes your part. Identify the loopholes and find the best possible safety tips for them. Once you know it all, communicate the risks as well as the solution to your kids.

3. Join their Community:

As said earlier, join their league and befriend with your kids on the forums they have joined to stay updated about their activities. For that, it is important for you to know what forums, they use and which social sites they visit. To know that, you can take help from the iOS parental control apps like FamilyTime that will help you:

iOS parental control apps like FamilyTime

  • Monitor the web browsing history to see the URLs they visit with the date and time stamps.
  • View the bookmarks and favourites saved in their browser.
  • Check the complete list of apps installed in your teens’ device.
  • View the details of the app such as the date of installation, version of the app being used, and the category of the app it belongs to, etc.
  • See the app usage frequency to check how much time they spend on each app.

With all this information in hand, you will get to know about the platforms they have joined so you can also become part of these.

4. Set parameters; Use Parental Controls:

Once you get to know of the social platforms your kids have joined, check their influence on your kids. Apps like Tinder and Snapchat can be really dangerous for their health and these can affect them not just physically but mentally too.

We all know that these apps are appealing can hook any body’s interest be it a kid, teen or an adult hence, it is important that you set parameters and define rules for them so your kids don’t become the prey of predators, eye strain or sleep deprivation, etc. Here in this regard, to apps like FamilyTime play a great role.

Using this app you can set screen limits for your kids and can also define what apps they can use and what not as the app offers many other valuable features such as:

  • Blacklisting unwanted apps: Block unwanted or inappropriate apps on their phone to restrict their access for as long as you want.
  • Setting screen Limits: The best way of limiting their screen time is by putting auto screen locks on their devices for specific time intervals on a regular basis. This is like making the screen consumption plan for them and implementing it digitally. For instance, you can allow them 3 hours on technology every day and set the time limits through this app. On the set time, the device will be enabled so they can use it and once the limit expires, the device’s screen gets locked again.
  • Remotely Locking the device: If even during the allowed time, you observe deviant behavior in your kids, the app gives you the facility to lock their device remotely from your device anytime and from anywhere.

And the list of FamilyTime features goes on. Do you want to give this app a free try? If yes, get the trial version of the app from the app store on your phone. Go now to the app store on your phone say Google Play, iTunes, and download the app from there. With the trial version, you can enjoy all FamilyTime premium features for a complete 3 days.

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