How to Check Saved WiFi Passwords in Windows OS?

Now In a busy life people struggling to remember wifi passwords due to too many user accounts and availability of different wifi networks in office or home. Are you the one in this category? If yes, you must read this entire guide on how to get or check saved wifi passwords on all Windows Operating Systems.

Note: Here you will learn how to get saved wifi passwords in your laptop or desktop. We have two methods to check saved passwords, here you will learn both ways.

  1. Check Password using Network Connections.
  2. Check Password using Command Prompt.

How to Check Password using Network Connections:

This is the most simple and easy way to check your wifi password which is saved on your computer. Now open network connections by using run command NCPA.CPL.

  • Open run by pressing Win + R.
  • Type NCPA.CPL and press enter.

Now you will get the network connections window, which shows all of your network adapters. Check the below image for more information.

Open Network Connections and network adapters
Open Network Connections and network adapters

The above image shows all of our network adapters. Now identify and right-click on your wifi adapter, and select the status option from the menu. Now select wireless properties, now you will get a popup window and select security tab. check the below image for more information.

NCPA and network adopters

In the Security tab, you will see security type, encryption type and network security key, the third one Network security key is the password of your wifi. The password will be hidden, you must put tick the show characters option to view the wifi password.

How to Check Password using Command Prompt (CMD).

The second way is using Command Prompt (CMD), open command prompt by typing CMD in Run. Type netsh WLAN show profiles in command prompt and press enter button. Now you will get all available wifi profiles list. See the below image for more information.

Check saved wifi passwords through command prompt windows 10
Check saved WiFi passwords through command prompt windows 10

Now you need to enter a command netsh WLAN show profiles “Profile name” key=clear and press enter to get the wifi password. You will get the complete details of the selected profile with security the key (wifi password) under Security settings – Key Content: Your KEY.. See the above image.

You will get the password only which is currently connected to your laptop or desktop. You can not get the password for disconnected, out of range and Unknown wifi connections.

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