How to start Windows 10 in Safe Mode? Here are the Proven 3 Ways for Safe Mode.

What is a Safe Mode in Windows Operating System?

In simple words, safe mode is a diagnostic mode of a computer that is running on Microsoft Windows Operating systems such as XP, Vista, Win 7, 8, and 10. It is also a mode of operation in application software.

What is the purpose of the Safe Mode in Windows OS?

Safe mode allows only essential system programs and services in this mode. This is intended to help to find application software issues and troubleshoot them to fix. This is also used to remove viruses and malicious software.

Side note: Safe mode is the basic state windows operating system, it allows a limited set of files and drivers only. It allows you to troubleshoot problems on your Operating System if the problem doesn’t solve in the safe mode default setting and basic device drivers are not causing the problem.

Pressing the f8 button while booting windows OS to get startup options to boot into safe mode. Coming to Windows 10 f8 button will not work, you need to follow these steps below mentioned:

#1 With MSConfig:

MSconfig is officially called as a system configuration in Windows Operating Systems. You can manage startup settings, boot settings, services, and access systems tools from here. Simply this is a utility to troubleshoot the Microsoft Windows OS startup process.

  1. Open run by pressing win key + R.
  2. Type msconfig and press enter to access this utility.

MS Config System configuration

System configuration utility in the Windows Operating System.After entering the system configuration utility go to the boot tab, in the boot options section select the safe boot option. Next, select the apply button and press the OK button to confirm the settings.

Side note: System configuration utility always makes your windows 10 into safe mode until you uncheck the safe boot option again.

#2 With Shift (key) + restart:

You can boot into safe mode with a press and hold the shift key and select restart from the Start menu on the Windows 10 operating system.

If you press and hold the shift key + restart button at a time you will get options that are shown in the below image. Now you need to select Troubleshoot, On the next screen, you get an option to select reset this PC and Advanced options. Check the below image for your reference.

windows 10 safe mode with shift key and restart

In advanced options, you will get a list of options such as System Restore, Startup Repair, Uninstall Updates, Command Prompt, System Image Recovery, and Startup Settings as below screenshot.

Windows 10 start up Advanced Options

Now select Startup settings, you will get another screen, see the below image for reference.

Windows 10 Startup Options

In this Startup Settings, you need to select option 4 for boot into safe mode by pressing the 4 numeric key on your keyboard. That’s it now you will boot into safe mode.

#3 With Windows 10 settings:

Open Windows 10 settings by pressing Windows + I button at a time, and select Update and security. Now go to the Recovery tab which is located on the left-hand side. See the below image for more information.

WIndows 10 settings recovery options
In the recovery, options advanced startup section press the restart now button. Now your computer will show the options as the same we discussed in #2 procedure. Follow the same procedure to boot into Safe Mode on Windows 10 Operating System.

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