Common Laptop Issues: How to Fix it with Simple DIY Hacks?

Regardless of the brand or model you use, your laptop isn’t free of problems. The only differences may lie in how frequently you face issues and how serious they are. Now, you might not always find it convenient to take the device to a repair shop. After all, it consumes a lot of time as well as money. So, you’d want to find a solution for the various laptop issues by yourself.

Common Laptop Issues and Fixing it with Simple DIY Hacks

Luckily, there are easy methods by which you can solve common malfunctions at home. So, keep reading to know how to deal effectively with some of the commonly faced issues in laptops.

10 Most Common Issues in Laptops: Causes and Solutions:

There is a wide range of issues that laptop users report quite commonly. Moreover, some of them are more common than others. So, here are the most prominent ones and their fixes:

1. Overheating:

This is arguably among the top most common laptop problems. Moreover, it can lead to more significant issues with your device. It occurs when your device can’t release heat effectively. Now, there are various ways you can solve as well as prevent this.

Keep the cooling fans clean and add a new one if required. Also, keep the device away from windows or vents that are exposed to heat. Apart from that, you must never keep them on soft surfaces while using them. That will block the vents and make it difficult to release the heat. If they don’t work, then the damage must be critical. You should opt for a professional associated with laptop repair to fix the problem.

2. Doesn’t power on:

You need not get worried right away if you face this issue. The battery might have drained somehow; as a result, the device isn’t turning on. Thus, connect it to the charger and wait for a while. Also, make sure you connect it to the power source properly.

Also, you might want to try removing the peripheral devices you’ve connected to it. Because they can often cause various issues on your PC. Further, you must also try to start it in Safe mode. If it doesn’t turn on even after that, it might indicate an issue with the screen. In that case, you must find an efficient repair for it or a guaranteed screen replacement service.

3. Battery drains too fast:

If the battery is draining too fast, it makes it quite difficult to use your laptop without plugging for a long time. Moreover, you can’t find a plug point everywhere you go, after all. So, what can you do about this problem? Go for the simpler solution first — drain the battery completely. After that, charge it to full and use it.

Does it still drain away too fast? There might be an issue with the power supply. In that case, you might also want to check the charger adapter and adjust its position. If this doesn’t work either, you must finally look for a professional solution.

4. Problems with keys:

Every user has or will come across this issue at some point. After prolonged use, your laptop’s keys will eventually start facing problems. Sometimes, you might find some of them not working or the wrong letter getting typed. But, you need not go to the repair center right away. There might be dust accumulated under the affected key, so remove the debris and clean the keys properly.

What if that doesn’t work? In that case, you might need to replace the bad keys finally. Moreover, it’s better to seek experts’ advice to avoid this problem in the near future.

5. Can’t connect to Wi-Fi:

This issue is one of the most annoying ones you will come across at some point in time. So, it’s more common than you might have thought. Now, this problem may have something to do with the network adapter. You might be using an outdated one for quite some time. In that case, you need to update it from the Device Manager.

Apart from that, you must also check whether the adapter is enabled in the Control Panel. Also, try resetting the network from the Settings if the problem remains; provided that your device is within range, then one of these fixes should work.

6. Pixels get stuck:

You may think that you need professional help with this issue, but that isn’t always necessary. This issue is mainly caused due to a manufacturing flaw. You will see that the affected pixel maintains a single color all the time. Now, you can’t get a screen replacement from the manufacturer unless a significant number of pixels are affected. So, you can proceed with fixing the issue yourself.

You can solve this problem by rubbing the affected area of the screen with a soft cloth. This method is effective in many cases, so stop freaking out and apply the hacks.

7. Crashes:

This issue shows up mostly when your device gets overheated. Apart from that, there could be other causes such as virus attacks, damaged drives, and RAM failures. But, you might want to check for overheating first. Make sure to keep your device in an open space where there’s optimal airflow. Also, make sure the fans are properly functional and clean.

You might also want to try rebooting it as it can free up RAM. After all, this issue is often indirectly caused due to memory shortage. So, you must also consider getting rid of some apps and files that you no longer need.

8. Freezing:

Does your device freeze quite frequently? There could be multiple causes behind this. First, you must find all the problematic apps on your laptop and delete them. This will improve the performance even if it doesn’t fix the issue completely. Apart from that, you must also scan for damaged system files using an administrator account. However, that’s possible only when you own the device.

Virus attacks can also cause this problem, so you need to use a reliable antivirus program to keep your device safe. Apart from that, you also need to make sure all drivers are up-to-date.

9. Working slow:

You may notice your device getting slow with time, but it can slow down only to a limit. So, if it works too slow, that indicates a problem somewhere. Like any other problem, this one too is primarily related to the RAM. Close all the background programs and remove the files that you no longer need.

Also, try to use as few programs on auto-startup settings if possible, saving a good amount of device memory. Apart from that, cleaning up some hard drive space would be helpful as well. Read our Windows 10 speedup guide for more tips.

10. Viruses and malware:

Every laptop user comes across this issue at least once. And, you may often end up downloading a file or installing software that contains malware. In such cases, you need to remove them from your device at all costs. Otherwise, as you know, they can cause a lot of damage and even data loss.

So, you must ensure your device’s safety. For that, you must buy reliable and competent antivirus software, which would be a worthwhile investment after all. Use it to keep viruses and malware away from your laptop.


The common issues listed here have a simple fix as well. Depending on whether you’re applying the right solution, you can easily solve the issue. However, if you still fail, you must, then look for a reliable laptop repairing service near you. You must act soon to avoid any further damage.

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