Download Top 10 iOS Gaming Console Emulators [2021]

At one time, if we wanted modified apps and games or any content out of the ordinary on our iOS devices, we had to jailbreak. In the last few years, we have seen fewer and fewer jailbreaks and those that we do have are limited to a few devices and are semi-untethered. One of the most popular downloads from Cydia was always the game emulators and, although there are a few emulator apps in the official app store, they don’t work very well. Officially, Apple doesn’t support anything other than iOS games on their devices and that means missing out on console games on the iPhone or iPad.

Thanks to a handful of developers, we now have a selection of emulator apps that work without you having to jailbreak first. While some are limited to certain consoles, some support a wide range and all of them are free to use.

Top 10 iOS Gaming Console Emulators:

All of these have been put through their paces and we can confirm that all of them work very well and are safe.

1. Delta Emulator:

A fairly new app from Riley Testut, Delta Emulator provides support for both Nintendo and Gameboy games and it works very well on all iOS devices. It provides a decent range of games along with support for N64 and SNES games. It works on iOS 10 or above – for those on lower than that, check out the GBA4iOS emulator app.

Note: Download Delta Emulator from AltStore.

2. iNDS Emulator:

The final emulator on our list is iNDS, an emulator that provides support for Nintendo gaming. There are plenty of games to choose from and a whole list of features including cloud hosting, Dropbox support, one-click play, in-app customizations and more. It has support for all iOS devices on iOS 10 right up to iOS 13.

3. GBA4iOS Elumator:

GBA4iOS also comes from Riley Testut and offers support for those on iOS 9 or lower. It supports Nintendo and Gameboy consoles with plenty of games on offer. Play the latest blockbuster releases or go back to your old favorites. Whatever you want to play, it’s there and you even get the choice of multiplayer gaming. Cloud hosting takes care of downloads and the one-click play opens any game instantly.

4. MeMU Elumator:

MeMU was once known as SIOS and was developed and released by Lucas Mendes Menge. It supports SNES gaming and is a Super Nintendo emulator that operates at extremely fast speeds. It offers an autosave feature, full-screen mode, support for ZIP and SMC files and plug-and-play support for multiple controllers. Download it from memuplay.

5. GearBoy Elumator:

GearBoy emulator offers users the chance to play Nintendo games, including Gameboy, Gameboy Advance and Gameboy Color. A clever Mix Frames feature provides the ghosting found in Gameboy games, providing an accurate emulation experience. With LCD controller emulation, compressed ROM support and more, GearBoy works on all iOS 10 to iOS 13 devices.

6. GC4iOS Elumator:

With GC4iOS, you get a unique emulation opportunity – the ability to play GameCube and Wii games. This is the only app to offer this kind of emulation but the app does not actually contain any games. It is purely a place to store game ROMS that you download yourself from the internet.  There are plenty of features for all users and it supports all devices.

7. Provenance Elumator:

Provenance offers support for several different consoles, including the Gameboy range, PlayStation, Nintendo, PPSSPP, and many more.  It offers features like being able to record and share gameplay, support for external ROMs, one-click play support and much more.

8. RetroArch Elumator:

RetroArch is designed for those who love retro console games. It is a frontend app, designed for frontend engines, emulators and media players. It has plug and play support for a range of controllers, the ability to record and share your gameplay and an ever-expanding library of cool retro games.

9. SNES4iOS Elumator:

SNES games are among some of the most popular in the world and SNES4iOS offers us the means to play them once again on the iPhone or iPad. It has support for all Nintendo consoles and is one of the most comprehensive of all emulator apps, offering plenty of features for all iOS devices.

10. HappyChick Emulator:

HappyChick offers users support for lots of different game consoles, including the PS1, PPSSPP, Nintendo, Gameboy and more. It offers many different games, from retro classics to the newest releases and is compatible with all devices. It offers a better experience for those whose devices have at least 2 GB RAM and it has a long list of cool features, including in-app customization, one-click play, and multiplayer gaming.

How to Fix the Untrusted Developer Error:

While using any of these emulator apps is dead simple, there is one problem you need to fix. The Untrusted Developer error will appear the first time you try to use these because the developer is not an official one. You can fix this quite easily:

  1. Note the name of the developer on the error message and tap on Cancel.
  2. Open Settings and tap on General.
  3. Tap Profiles and find the developer in the profiles list.
  4. Tap it, tap Trust and close settings.
  5. Now you can use the emulator.

It is thanks to these developers that we now have a way of playing console games on our devices without having to jailbreak first. They are all free and, if the games on offer aren’t what you want, you can easily add external ROMs from the internet. These apps mean we are no longer dependent on the app store for our app needs; as far as emulators go, you have a whole host of console games at your fingertips.

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