6 Best Google Lens Alternatives 2021 for Smart Reverse Image Searching

Google is the pioneer of the search, it has now taken more than 88% percent of the search engine market. Google’s Voice search has already changed the way people search the web. As a part of its innovative ideas, Google came up with a new way of search called Google lens.

It is said:

“if you can’t find it on Google, it doesn’t exist.”

Google Lens is based on Image Recognition technology, which will let you analyze and search visual objects in real life. For instance, you wish to grow a plant you saw in a park that you even don’t know its name. Just capture with your phone camera and you’ll find the details of the plant name and where you can find it. Or you can translate other languages by just capturing the text. Google lens now supports English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish.

For TL;DR folks, this article contains 6 best alternatives for Google Lens:

Best Reverse Image Search App which are the best alternatives for Google Lens 2020:

Now let’s see how Google Lens works?

When you open Google lens it starts collecting data from your rear camera. Now once you tap on the object which is shown on your screen Google will begin looking for the same thing in its database and will prompt you the information which it finds relevant. At the backend, Google uses the mix of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Augmented Reality (AR), which is the augmented reality along with the search algorithms to find you the correct information.

Here we have prepared the list of Google Lens Alternatives which you can use with your smartphone. And these are the Best reverse image search Apps available for you.

1. Yandex Image Search:

Russia’s most popular search engine Yandex has its own image search system called Yandex image search. This is the core competitor for the Google image search system when compared to others.

Yandex web based reverse image search tool for PCs and mobiles

Visit Yandex Image Search

Key features:-

  • Reverse image search and best alternative for best Google images, and as per a report Yandex generated 50+% search traffic in Russia only.
  • You can upload an image or drag and drop an image to search.
  • Also, you can enter an image URL to perform a reverse image search.
  • A tiny Yandex image search extension available for chrome which can make image search ease (download).

2. Pictpicks / Image Search Viewer:

At number four, we have Pictpicks. Don’t get confused with Image Search Viewer both these names are for the same App. The name of the App has been recently changed from Pictpicks to Image search viewer. The App has more than seven thousand reviews on Google’s Play Store, along with 5,00,000+ Downloads. This App can find the origin of any image you throw at it. With its advanced search algorithm, it also takes help from your search query to find the optimal result in less time.

pictpics image search an alternative for google lens


Key features:-

  1. First of all, it’s a free application for photo and image search with an easy to understand user interface.
  2. The application uses applied material design techniques.
  3. Moreover, you can search for the images which are stored on your device.
  4. Also, you can use different in-app filters to make your search more relevant, such as size, color, type, time.
  5. The App comes with the Safe Search option.
  6. Likewise, you can zoom in the image in the App.
  7. On the other hand, the App allows you to share the image directly to social media apps like Facebook and Instagram.
  8. Most importantly, it uses the Google search engine database to provide information about the image.

3. Search By Image:

Standing tall at number three, we have Search By Image. The main advantage it has over other search image application is its user interface, and you can easily edit your image before going for the search. Moreover, you can have different results from multiple search engines such as Google, Yandex, and Tineye. The editing tools come with rotate, flip image horizontally and vertically, and you can even crop the image. You can also find the images similar to your search in this App.

download search by for android


Furthermore, you can search for a particular part of the image. Thus making it helpful, in case you are searching for multiple photos.

Key features:-

  1. First, its user interface is quite human-friendly, making it simple to use.
  2. You can directly capture the image from the App.
  3. The App supports Google, Yandex, and Tineye search engine.
  4. You can get multiple search engines at the same time.
  5. In addition to this, you can share your images from the App to directly social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, etc
  6. It provides similar image results. Also, it comes with the SafeSearch option (Only for Google)
  7. You can see whether the image you see in front is the original piece or a fake one
  8. On the other hand, you can easily find the age of the image and when it was posted and where
  9. Lastly, it’s available for free but comes with ads that you can easily remove by purchasing the paid version.

4. Camfind:

At number one, we have Camfind. The App is powered by CloudSight, which indeed is an Image recognition API. This particular App has more than 3 Million downloads and has been named by several magazines such as Forbes, BBC, Today, etc. You can search for anything on with your smartphone just by taking its single picture.

CAMFIND for android


Key features:-

  1. First, it has online search results.
  2. The App can provide you with similar images and videos.
  3. Moreover, you can compare the prices from different websites also.
  4. You can ask your question and get the answer from the community.
  5. Instant sharing of images to social media websites like FaceBook, Instagram, etc.
  6. It comes with both voice and text search.
  7. Besides, it has a language translator making it perfect for standing at number 1 spot for Google lens alternative.

5. Image Analysis Toolset (IAT):

You can identify the given object in the image by using its element identifier. Moreover, you can find similar images from the web and their links, labels, and sites related to them, making it easier for you to differentiate which one is the original one.

image analysis toolset (IAT)


Furthermore, it comes with Optical text recognition (OCR). As a result, you can scan the image and use it text individually if you want. The IAT comes with a censorship risk meter providing you with insight on whether automatic systems could censor the given image or not.

Key features:-

  1. First and foremost, it has all the tools you’ll ever need. It comes with Element Identifier, Web image detector, OCR, Logo Identifier, Landmark Identifier, Barcode Detector, Face insight, Coloromiter, EXIF.info, and many more.
  2. You can use the vocal output for the search results.
  3. Custom real-time detection.
  4. Lastly, it’s free to use.

6. TinEye:

The reverse image search app of Tineye alerts you when your image appears online. Their machine learning and pattern recognition help to provide optimal results in a short time. The company is based in Toronto, Canada. The company has worked with international clients such as Adobe, Corbis, Discover, Shutter stock, Zoosk, etc.


TinEye tries to find the exact image even if the image is being altered or cropped. The App uses reverse image technology, thus, finding the unique image footprints making it easier for the user to know where and when the image was posted. Furthermore, you can also find those images that were created by masking your image.

The only problem with Tineye is that it’s not available for smartphones. You can install it as an extension in chrome, firefox, Safari, Opera and can use it for free.

Key features:-

  1. First, you can get this extension for free. Yes, you don’t need to pay a thing for installing it in your chrome.
  2. The company takes privacy very seriously, and no data collection takes place without your permission.
  3. Also, the company has its online image tracking system. Thus, you can see when your image has shown online.
  4. The company handles pattern recognition, neural networks, and machine learning projects, as well.
  5. You can see the image search results of individual websites and search engine with the help of TinEye
  6. Also, it provides you with the exact date and site on which your image has been indexed.


So, we have finally arrived at the conclusion. We have done thorough research and provided you with the best possible alternatives to the Google lens. Hope this helps you with your requirements. All the best.

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  1. I would have placed Image Analysis Toolset as number 1. It’s far better and way more versatile than any other alternative I have tried.


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