Easy Solutions for Tech Problems at Your Business

Since technology is continuously changing, you must adapt to match the requirements of an ever-demanding client. Today, there are considerable advancements in IT services, information management, and cloud services. However, it may be daunting to choose the correct path for your business due to these many options.

Most business individuals evade talking about their IT challenges due to the absence of knowledge and uncertainty. With careful planning and research, you can overcome IT difficulties and save both money and time for the procedure. This article discusses three common business tech problems and their solution.

1. Uneven Email Security

Common IT problems and Solutions, Technology ProblemsEmail is both an effective and successful means for hackers to send you malware. Hackers understand better that email is the best technique to get into your business and workers are not warned about email usage. So the most appropriate ways to help you safeguard your email accounts against fraudsters are:

a) Activate Two-Factor Authentication

It is the most straightforward security measure to take. It offers an extra security layer that goes beyond passwords and a simple username. It needs you to verify your identity with a security code sent to a device (mostly mobile phone), which can protect an unauthorized user from accessing your company’s business account.

You should use two-step verification because various versions are available, such as app-based models, physical keys, SMS, and others. Since there are demerits and merits for these methods, you should pick one that suits your company’s security needs.

b) Teach Your Employees Email Best Practices

Previously, Techlurn interviewed 60 security professionals and business owners over email on “cybersecurity measures for businesses” as the new normal of work from home (WFH) at its peak due to COVID-19. Over 90 percent of experts proclaimed the “the importance of educating employees on cybersecurity”, read the full story here.

Educate your workers on how to protect themselves. Go through basics such as suspicious email addresses, incorrect spelling, poor grammar, and others. You can have them practice by sending them fake emails to make sure that they can spot them out.

Ensure business policies against bad behaviors of leaving open email addresses when away from the desk as well. This is an easy way to ensure that their workstation is not used by someone else. You should also implement malware or encryption scanning for email attachments. This can be greatly beneficial for all employees.

2. Poorly Secured Workstations

Common Tech problems and Solutions, Cybersecurity, Information SecurityCybersecurity is an essential subject you should put more effort and time into because businesses fall short in protecting their workstations sometimes. Your employees may use your workstation on any given day; therefore, you should hold these computers with higher security standards because they contain valuable information that’s directly associated with your company’s productivity.

a) Use Strong Passwords

Compromised passwords contribute to data breaches by hackers. You should ensure that all your passwords follow the current practices and requirements – which are continuously changing. You should combine three to four unrelated English words with few digits and a unique character.

This offers a much stronger password for a secure computer. Make sure that everyone is updating their password as well periodically. This will also lessen the chances of hacking or any other online safety precautions.

b) Regular Computer Maintenance

It is another issue that business persons face. If you don’t maintain your computer, you may end up losing important business information stored in your computer. These problems may be triggered by a lack of anti-virus, window crushing, and more. Putting the necessary anti-virus software on your computer can be greatly beneficial in protecting everyone’s information.

For instance, d3dx9_.26.dll may be missing from your computer without your knowledge. It may cause improper functioning of windows interfering with your entire workstation, you know what that means and you would not want it to happen to you or any of your employees.

3. Protecting Your Company Information

Common Problems for PC Users and Solutions, Information Security, Email SecurityCyber insecurity is becoming more sophisticated, which means businesses are at risk of losing essential business information. Suppose a single breach of your business information fell into the wrong hands; in that case, people might lose trust in your brand.

Business strategies, client payments, and employee data are confidential and must be kept away from criminals’ possession. You can employ these steps in your business to avoid being targeted by fraudsters. By doing this, you will save yourself time, money, and a headache.

a) Build BOYD (bring your own device) Strategies

With most of your workers accessing data from their phones, it’s crucial to develop regulations to protect sensitive information. Lack of smart device encryption and obsolete operating systems are significant causes of data leakage. Make sure that everyone is abiding by these rules.

b) Use Identity and Access Management (IAM)

It permits you to monitor and control who has the right of entry to certain information by identity mapping and restricted information. Continuous and present risk assessment help to make sure information is accessed securely online.

c) Use Encryption

It’s advantageous for both devices and information on the move. Ensure USBs, devices, and sensitive data are encrypted to reduce the risk of an information breach. For instance, cloud cryptography notifies you when an unauthorized user attempts to breach your security system.

Make sure you check these notifications often so if it happens to you, you can flag the attempt in order to keep your information secure. This will give you time to create a new password and keep your information safe and secure.


Companies are facing challenges to maintain their IT best working condition. To overcome the problems, you must take these necessary steps mentioned in this article to secure your sensitive business information. This will help protect you and your customer’s information and eliminate potential problems by prioritizing online safety for everyone.

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