Dangerous Android Apps That Users Should Delete Now!

Whether you have apps that drain up your battery life, utilize much versatile information, or bombard you with promotions, it is time to get rid of them by deleting them immediately. These apps are irritating once they start slowing down your mobile phone. The worst-case scenario is when these apps start eating up your phone storage leaving the operating system with little space to function. If this is happening to your smartphone, stop wasting time and push the delete button, to clean up the system. In this article, I will highlight several online apps that need to be deleted if you have them on your phone. This will boost its performance.

Apps That Guarantee to Save RAM:

RAM Performance Booster Android AppAny application that runs in the background usually gobble up your RAM and slowly consume your phone’s battery life, regardless of whether they’re on backup. Most applications take up ram to work efficiently. Other apps that run in the background always restart themselves.

These types of apps consume a lot of power and utilize the ram when restarting and shutting down. They don’t bode well when doing this to your phone. Additionally, the Android operating system also uses RAM to decide when to run or not to run those apps. Therefore you should delete these third-party apps since they are not necessary.

Battery Saver Apps:

Batter Saving AppsSimilar to RAM saving apps, battery-saving applications are also a waste of time and space. The app will claim to offer some of the ridiculous solutions to your phone issues. However, there are few such apps that can actually save your phone’s battery, while some are just useless apps meant to eat up RAM and push countless ads that are quite irritating.

If you prefer to save your phone’s battery, then you need to reduce energy demand from the operating system, all apps, and other running services. There are a few tricks that you can apply to your battery settings to help you with this task. Go to Battery Settings, find the app that consumes a lot of energy on your phone, and force close it. This act will also solve all the issues that are caused by the increased power demand of your Android device.

Clean Master Or Any Cleaning App:

RAM Performance Booster Android AppCleaning apps that offer to clean up what they call junk to make your Android device run faster, and improve performance should also be deleted. Although deleted apps and other data that is not useful to your smartphone leave some stored information and cache data on your phone.

This doesn’t call for any cleaning application. What you need to do, Just go to Settings > Storage > tap Cached information > tap Clear cached data. You can also delete the cache of each app by going to Settings > Apps > Downloaded > tap on an application. On the following page, tap Clear Cache. Cleaning apps also consume a lot of energy, plus their in-app also drain your battery. If you have such apps, go ahead and delete these apps.

Pre-installed Manufacturer Bloatware:

Bloatware Dangerous Android Apps That Users Should DeleteThe majority of smartphones have numerous pre-installed applications. Device manufacturers always create built-in apps that are hard to remove. They don’t have any benefit, and they waste space and energy. The worst thing is that they make it very hard to uninstall these apps.

Check all your apps and try to uninstall these apps. The proper way is to grab a particular app in the app android drawer and pull it into the app icon. It will help you know whether the app can be deactivated or uninstalled. When you disable the app, it will still occupy space, but it won’t consume your battery. To altogether remove these deactivated apps, you will have to reboot your Android phone.


Dangerous Android Apps That Users Should DeleteFacebook has suffered a few blows over a few years since the Cambridge Analytica outrage. It’s been hard to get back to its original glory. Other issues have ruined its reputation too. That is why you need to delete this app from your Android phone. Recently this app has proved to be ridiculous in many instances and uninstalling will boost your phone and make it perform even better.

Besides consuming a lot of energy, the Facebook app also utilizes high memory, stays on in the background, and requests authorization even when it’s not necessary. If you need to use Facebook, use your built-in Android browser, and for convenience, you can add a shortcut on your home screen. This way you won’t need to use a lot of energy to run the Facebook app, and the memory will be restored.

Brightest Flashlight-Multi LED:

Dangerous Android Apps That Users Should DeleteAlthough a flashlight is useful in many ways like providing light during a power outage, it’s not good to install electric light apps on your phone, if it already has a built-in one. The reason being that these apps can gather more information than is necessary. For example, Brightest Flashlight-Multi Led requests a large amount of permission. Why the hell would a flashlight app needs permission to access messages or calls. It only needs permission to access your camera to provide flash.

Amazon Shopping:

Dangerous Android Apps That Users Should Delete

What makes many online shoppers choose Amazon for their online shopping experience is due to its ease of use and faster deliveries. However, there is a way you can still access their services through your web browser rather than the app. It prevents a high consumption of energy and RAM.

Final Thoughts:

Your Android smartphone is an excellent gadget if you protect it from these outrageous apps that do nothing but consume your battery and eat up your RAM. Don’t install many useless apps on your phone, especially if you don’t need them. Most of these services are also accessible from the phone browser. These dangerous android apps also request outrageous permission that is not necessary to run those apps. If you have them installed on your phone, delete them as soon as possible so that your phone may perform as expected with less baggage.

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