How to enable Clip board history in Windows 10? And Sync across devices.

The clipboard is short-term storage in an Operating system, this storage is accessible on all installed application programs and software. This clipboard is called paste buffer, and the data in clipboard stored in RAM, clipboard storage usually temporary, unnamed.

For e.g.: When we use copy (ctrl + c) or cut (ctrl + x) the data in any application that data will temporarily store in the clipboard. When we paste (ctrl + v) it will be inserted from the clipboard.

When you are working with text documents editing, coding and browsing clipboard history make your work simple and easy. Earlier we don’t have the facility to access clipboard history in Windows OS.

But, in Windows 10 the software giant Microsoft has introduced a new clipboard in its latest update. This will store all the copied items in its history, you access it by simply pressing win+V. You can sync this clipboard data on all your PCs and access this data to all of your computers.

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How to enable Clipboard History and Sync?

Enabling Clipboard history is very simple in Windows 10 you just need to change a few settings on your Windows 10 PC. See the below image for more information:

Enable Clip board history in Windows 10 and sync across all devices

  1. Go to Windows 10 settings (right-click on win button and select setting).
  2. Now click on System (contains Display, sound, notifications, and power).
  3. Scroll down on the left side pane, now you will see Clipboard (select here).

Now you will see options 4 options in Clipboard settings:

  1. Clipboard history: enable it to save multiple items in clipboard and use whenever you want.
  2. Sync across devices: by syncing clipboard access your all saved items across all of your PCs.
  3. Automatic Syncing: enable this option to Automatically sync text that I copy (this will sync clipboard items across all your devices).
  4. Clear Clipboard Data: this option is to clear all the clipboard data on your computer.

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