11+ Best Google Chrome Extensions for Everyone in 2021

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser among all other internet browsers has many customizations by installing Extensions. Chrome store has loaded with a number of extensions but selecting what you want exactly is little confusion.

Here is the solution for your confusion on which is the best Chrome extension for a particular task. We have listed out here the Best Google chrome extensions and you can download them from google chrome web store by a single click.

Note: And you also install Google Chrome extensions Android devices lets check how? also, read how to browse offline in Chrome?

11+ Best Google Chrome Extensions:

These Chrome plugins (extensions) are very useful to all types are google chrome users. The listed extensions are personally tested by our team. We are sure these chrome plugins gonna make your tasks simple and easier.

1. Grammarly.

Grammarly is the best application to check grammar and spelling mistakes in your writing. Now you install it on your Google Chrome browser to avoid grammar mistakes and spell mistakes.

Grammarly helps in enhance your written and communications skills, check all other features below:

  • Spelling Checker.
  • Grammar Checker.
  • Word suggestions.
  • Build perfect sentences.
  • Trusted by missions of users.

2. Google Translate.

Translate is one of the powerful features of Google services. You can translate any language to your language, for example, the English language to Hindi.

Google Translate
Google Translate
Price: Free

This Google translate plugin helps to translate very quickly. Just select the word or sentence in the webpage and right-click on it select google translate from the contextual menu. Check the below image for more information.

Google Translate extension for chrome
Google Translate extension for Chrome.

3. Text to Speech (Selection Reader).

This is the best text to speech extension for chrome, It can handle a large amount of text. as compared to other extensions in this category, this is the best, simple, faster and light

text to speech extension for google chrome

4. Google Input Tools.

Google input tools allow you to type in your regional language. It will support many languages such as Chinese, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and all regional languages.

Google Input Tools
Google Input Tools
Developer: cloud-input-team
Price: Free
Note: the desktop version of Google IME (Input Method) was discontinued and now you can use only this Google Input Tools Chrome extension. For more details read this.

5. Hoxx VPN.

Hoxx VPN is the best VPN for Google Chrome browser to unblock websites and secure internet connection. You can use it for free by just simple registration. Hoxx has over 100 servers all over the world, it’s a reliable and light application which installs directly on the web browser.

Hoxx VPN Proxy
Hoxx VPN Proxy
Developer: hoxx.com
Price: Free
  • Unlock geo-restricted sites.
  • Enables privacy over the internet.
  • Changes your location and make you anonymous.
  • Protects from malicious websites.
  • No coding and configuration required.

6. Web Of Trust.

Web of Trust is the best Chrome extension to avoid visiting harmful and unwanted websites. WOT (Web of Trust) gives website rating and reputation.

WOT enables a secure browsing environment by showing a security icon next to the URL.

  • Real-time protection from harmful websites.
  • Security reputation icon for websites.
  • Warning screen while visiting a harmful website.
  • Website reviews by WOT users.

7. Chrome Master Clean.

Chrome Master clean helps you to clear the browsing history, cookies, cache, and downloads. This is a simple utility to quickly erase chrome data.

Unknown app
Unknown app
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
  • Makes extra free space by delete unwanted files.
  • Protects user privacy online and blocks unwanted tracking codes.
  • Speed up your chrome browsers by deleting accumulated unwanted files.
  • Clear all browser data with a simple one click.

8. Google Keep.

Google keep is the best note tool developed by Google, and now Google Keep extension available for Chrome browser to quickly save links and notes. Keep is also available for Android devices.

Google Keep Chrome Extension
Google Keep Chrome Extension
Developer: google.com
Price: Free
  • Keep can take notes including text, lists, images, and audio.
  • Take note and save content.
  • Add tiles and labels to your notes.
  • Cross-platform device support.

9. Gmail Checker Plus.

Gmail Checker Plus is the powerful Gmail extension for Google Chrome, it can manage multiple Gmail accounts in your web browser.

Checker Plus for Gmail™
Checker Plus for Gmail™
  • The simple and easiest way to manage Gmail accounts.
  • Many customization features and options are available.
  • It is safe and requires minimal permissions.
  • It will support Inbox by Gmail.

The best Popup blocker extensions for Chrome browser. It will block all unwanted popups while you are browsing the internet. Also, read our full list of Popup blockers.

Popup Blocker Pro
Popup Blocker Pro
Developer: popup-blocker.org
Price: Free
  • Block Popup windows and makes you hassle-free browsing experience.
  • Add site to white list and block list to stop/allow popups.

11. Virtual Keyboard.

This virtual keyboard is developed for touchscreen devices, but useful for all devices to protect keyloggers.

Virtual Keyboard
Virtual Keyboard
Developer: xontab.com
Price: Free
Note: This Virtual keyboard works like in Android/iOS/Windows 10 touch device virtual keyboards.

12. Adult Blocker – Porn Adult filter.

Adult Blocker is the best Chrome plugin or extension to block adult and porn content. It works like parental control software, and this is the simple and light you can directly install it on your web browser.

Unknown app
Unknown app
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free
  • Block unwanted pages.
  • Enable or disable the plugin for a particular time.
  • Add exceptions for sites (White list and block list).
  • You can hide the extension icon from the panel.

13. Micro Breaks.

Micro Breaks plugin comes into the Productivity category, this is the best plugin for long-time computer users. By using the Micro Breaks Chrome extension you can schedule and break reminders to take a break from computer usage.

Micro Breaks
Micro Breaks
Developer: Kris Zima
Price: Free
Pro Tip: Did you know? Experts said taking 2 minutes of regular break can increase productivity by 11.15%.

How to remove an extension from Chrome:

If you want to remove unwanted extensions from your Chrome? You need to go to Extensions manager in Chrome Web Browser, just type chrome://extensions in the address bar (Ctrl+L is the shortcut for address bar) and press enter.

Now, you will get the list of all installed intentions, here you can disable, enable and remove the extensions. see the below image for more information.

Chrome extensions manager
Chrome Extensions Manager.

Every extension will have 3 options in the Chrome extensions manager:

  1. Details: to view details of the particular extension.
  2. Remove: Remove a particular extension from the browser.
  3. Enable/Disable a particular extension from the browser.


Chrome store has flooded with many extensions, in this listicle we have listed some best Chrome extensions for any user. If you have any suggestions feel free to mention in the comments section. Follows us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates.

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