Best Strategy Games for Windows PC Gamers

Gamers who play games exclusively on PC hardly like gaming on any other platform. Especially when it comes to strategy games, Windows can be great. These games typically take time and commitment, so playing on PC makes sense.

There’s such an extensive variety of games for PC that sometimes you just don’t know which game to try next. And once you find a game you like, you’re pretty much hooked up on it.

If you enjoy maps, armies, and building towers, here are the five best strategy games for Windows:

Crusader Kings 3

Crusader Kings is not merely a game but a brand in its own right. Now, Crusader Kings 3 is proving that all the popularity this PC game enjoys is rightly deserved. With improvements to graphics, this new version is even more polished than before.

This strategy game incorporates very detailed storytelling as you take on the role of medieval nobles. The latest version is equipped with a toolkit guide and other helpful features that make the game easy to understand. That’s good for newbies who are just starting out with this game.

From wars to diplomacy, this game covers everything that happened in real-life kingdoms. The characters you play have their own personality and traits. It’s up to you to use your empire and its people to your advantage.

Civilization VI

Civilization games have been the epitome of strategy gaming in the PC world. Now, with Civilization VI, we see changes in the district system. This new district system stacks cities just how it did armies in the previous releases.

This game takes time and energy as you bring the world around you to life. It’s not as straightforward as winning. Instead, in order to have a real win, you have to focus on your goals.

You have Golden Ages and Dark Ages depending on how your civilization fares. Another worth mentioning point is that they’ve also incorporated climate change in the narrative, which is a real-world problem.

War and Order

War and Order is a great strategy game that also gives you a flavor of fantasy worlds. You make your own army with 50 soldiers that aren’t just humans, but also orcs, elves, and beasts. The game also bolsters alliances with other players to further your agenda, but betrayal is also common, which makes this game all the more interesting.

This game is actually a mobile game available on Google Play Store. However, you can play it on Windows by downloading from and using it with Android emulator for Windows.

Although a mobile game, its premise, graphics, and story are all suitable for PC.

OffWorld Trading Company

OffWorld Trading Company is different from other games on this list. It’s a strategy game that doesn’t rely on battles using weapons. Instead, it relies on exploitation and manipulation. Though there are weapons involved, they are merely resources.

It’s based on the exploration and exploitation of the red planet, Mars. You can form alliances, and you can betray your allies as well. The game is all about making deals, whether they are fair or not.

This is a really interesting game that focuses on something that could very well be a reality in the future, with humans inching closer to Mars.

Total War: Warhammer II

Total War is a game franchise that has won gamers over and over again with its out-of-the-world graphics and eccentric storylines. Although Total War: Warhammer II may not be considered the best out of all Total War games, it’s definitely one of the best strategy games.

We finally get to revisit the Warhammer world. If you’re a Warhammer fan, you should also go for the Mortal Empire add-on. With more tactical battles, this is a pretty standard strategy game you could master easily and not get bored anytime soon, either.


These five PC strategy games will keep your interest for months, if not years. Some of these can be addictive because they are simply that good.

Just by the way, you’re not bound to strategy games only available for Windows. With an emulator, you can also enjoy popular mobile games on PC, just like the War and Order game.

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