Best Gaming Accessories for Serious Gamers [Buy Online in 2021]

Video gamers always keep themselves gear up with sophisticated gaming equipment and accessories for more comfort and a gaming experience. And, spending more than $100 billion a year on game content and hardware equipment worldwide.

Among them all, mobile phones are the primary gaming devices as they more compact and versatile, followed by PCs (laptops and desktops) in second place. This is encouraging mobile makers to bring more powerful and expensive gaming smartphones every year.

Essential Accessories for Video Gamers You Could Buy Online:

Playing video games on PC/mobile always versatile and let you play games while working online and stay connected with the world. Here are the essential gaming accessories you can buy online for a console-like enhanced and immersive video gaming experience on the go.

Mobile Phone Gaming Accessories:

1. Wireless Mobile Game Controller

Playing games on mobile is not always so easy. Glass finished sleek designed premium phones are very likely to slip out of hands. Or, just some may like physical buttons, triggers, and joystick over touch controls. This is where the gamepad or game controllers come in handy. Often these game controllers offer extra triggers to extra comfort and functions. A Bluetooth game controller with a smartphone mount will avoid tangling cables. If it has a built-in rechargeable battery then it will be the best choice.

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2. VR Headset for Mobile

Virtual Reality is the breakthrough adoption into the gaming industry. It helps you to travel through a digital simulation world using a VR headset and motion tracking. It gives a next-level gaming experience by allowing you to explore fascinating virtual worlds (with actually sitting in your place).

If you are a serious gamer and with a few bucks to spend more on video gaming equipment, you must try VR gaming. There are two major players in the market for mobile users, Samsung and Google. Samsung’s GearVR is being in the market for a while. It offers finely polished compatibility for thousands of VR games and apps. While Google’s Daydream is a new platform with ongoing Improvements, you can trust Google and give it a try. Check out our best gaming headsets buyers guide.

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3. Video game headphones:

Besides the stunning visual, 3D surround audio treat your senses to feel the gaming environment. Noise reduction headphones also let you immerse yourself into the game by eliminating external noise and helps you to concentrate more on your game.

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4. Powerbank (Wireless):

This is the most common problem facing most smartphone gamers. High-end games use most of your mobile resources and drain the battery quickly. A large capacity power bank, usually 20,000 mAH will make your mobile survive the whole day.

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PC (Desktop & Laptop) gaming accessories:

PC gamer’s needs are different. It requires more hardware equipment, a gaming room, and desk accessories to enjoy the video games at your luxury.

1. Gaming monitor:

First things first, a high-quality gaming monitor is the most essential peripheral to get a seamless gaming experience. Gaming monitors offer higher refresh rates, pixel quality, and contrast ratios which will result in razor-sharp and smooth visuals at higher frame rates. Here is the list of best Monitors you can buy right now.

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2. Gaming mouse and keyboard:

Besides the high-specced PC, the best gaming keyboard and mouse is essential for the hardcore gamer to take their comfort and luxury to the next level. These keyboards with increased responsiveness and mouse with extra configurable keys are the ultimate gaming controls. Background accent light of gaming keyboard and mice will provide pro-aesthetics to your PC. Also, check our definitive guide on the best Gaming Keyboards and Gaming Mouses.

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3. PC Game Controller:

There are multiple PC gaming controllers available to buy online for various

  • Basic Nintendo switch-type controllers and joysticks to play games at your convenience.

  • Racing wheels and pedals for your racing, car, and truck simulator games. The racing wheel and pedals give you a realistic racing experience.

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  • Racing seat with motion platform for next level racing experience,

  • Yoke and throttle controllers to give an immersive experience for virtual flight simulator games.


4. USB Wifi and Bluetooth adapters:

Some of the old desktops may not support wifi and Bluetooth features to connect all your wireless video game accessories, speaker, etc. Basic wifi and Bluetooth adapter will let you play at your utmost comfort by avoiding tangling cables.

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5. Blue light filter glasses:

Video gamers spent hours watching the screen while playing games. The blue light from the computer screens will severely harm your eyes, and this is the main cause of increasing eye disease these days. A good pair of blue light filter glasses will save your eye from harmful rays.

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Final Words:

Along with the powerful hardware configuration, gaming accessories will help you to treat your senses with an immersive experience by squeeze the maximum output from the hardware. Virtual reality is the most influential technology in gaming, a VR headset for PC will help you to have the most realistic gaming experience.

Gaming room and desk accessories like gaming chair, monitor desk mount stand, and computer arm stand will help you lost in playing for hours without harming your comfort.

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