15 Best Car Gadgets Buy Online [Updated 2021]

Whether it be Road trips or just commuting to work, we spend a lot of time in our cars. We use our cars to run errands, go to school, get to work, or use it to travel. Some people may love driving their cars why others do not simply enjoy it.

But some car gadgets will make you love driving. These car gadgets will help you while you’re traveling and some of them are simply genius. You can use many of these car gadgets to help you while you are commuting to work and are extremely late.

We have included the best car gadgets that you will need to increase the functionality of your car. These gadgets will help increase your comfort and also your safety. Some of these car gadgets will help in keeping your vehicle clean and tidy while others might help in saving your life.

These car gadgets can also as cool gadgets gifts for your friends and family. Whatever gadget maybe, they will make your car look cool. So with this promise, here are 15 gadgets that you will need for the year 2021:

1# NextBase 612 GW Car dash Camera:

There is nothing more annoying than having to take the blame for an accident that you did not cause. It can be a pain to explain an accident to your insurance company to cover your losses. The third-party might blame you for causing an accident that you did not cause.


Nextbase 612 car dash camera is a solution to this problem. This dashcam records video in 4K. This camera has a 150-degree wide-angle of video coverage which helps in recording the perpetrator and acting as a piece of evidence. This video can be transferred from the dashcam to your laptop or your mobile device.

This camera also includes a GPS and can record the speed of the vehicle which can also be beneficial to act as proof for your defense. This dashcam is also easy to install as you can secure it on a magnetic pad. A dashcam will help you stay clear from taking the blame when you are innocent and help catch the perpetrator.

2# Vanmass Wireless Car Charger:

The Vanmass wireless car charger is a mobile phone charger that you can mount on your dashboard. This one product will help you in solving your problems. The first one is trying to mount your phone and the other being a wireless car charger for your phone.

Vanmass Wireless Car Charger


This wireless portable car charger is one of the best products that can help in fast charging your phone wirelessly. This product is compatible with almost all of the phones that are currently on the market. The phone mount is adjustable and can turn 360 degrees. This will help ensure your safety as you will be easily able to move your phone towards yourself while you are driving.

This device also has an auto clamping option so you can set it on your car air conditioning unit. This can also act as a phone holder when you are looking for directions. The product advertises itself as a three-in-one wireless car charger mount with 360-degree rotation. They also provide you with a QC 3.1 adapter. They also claim to be extremely sturdy in comparison to other car mounts and have a shock-absorbing silicone cover for your phone’s safety.

3# Tile Mate:

Let’s admitted we all lose our car keys and our phone while in a hurry to leave for work. We ask around everyone in the house when they last saw our car keys and have to look for them under the pillows or in the grocery bag. And more often we lose our car keys and have to use the spare one.

tile mate


If you can relate to this, you will love this item called Tile Mate. Tile Mate is a Bluetooth tracker that can be used for finding items such as your car keys. You can use it as a keychain on your car keys and connect the device to the Bluetooth on your Android with a free application. If you have lost your car keys you can simply open the application and tap on it and the Tile Mate on your car keys will ring. This will help you find your car keys in no time.

4# Arteck Car Jump Starter:

Have you ever had to be stuck in a place because your car didn’t start? Remember the episode in the FRIENDS series when they had to call Ross to jump-start the car because of the cold? Have you ever had to call a tow truck service and wait on the side of the road for help because a car didn’t start?

Arteck Car Jump Starter


Well, you will never have to face this problem with this product. Arteck portable car jump starter is a compact device that will help in jump-starting your car. This product is available with heavy-duty cables and jumper clamps. This product will help in jump-starting your car when you are traveling in a remote place and can’t call for help.

This device will help you jump-start your car about 20 times when you charge. This is a durable product with a battery size of 8000 mAh and can be charged up to 20 times.

5# Garmin DashCam 56:

We can’t stop emphasizing how important a dashcam is important for the safety of your vehicle. A dashcam can prove to be a very important device in case of a car accident. It helps in determining who is at fault and proving things to the insurance company.

Garming dash cam best accessories for car


Another dashcam we recommend is the Garmin dash cam which helps in recording videos in 1080p. The device saves video on impact and also has GPS service. This helps in determining the location of the accident.

Besides this, the Garmin dash cam is also helpful in charging your mobile devices. It is compatible with almost all smartphones and it can also help to charge your AirPods or headphones. This device also responds to voice commands and also has a LED torch built-in into the camera.

6# Norshire Mini Tire Inflator

Have you ever had to cancel plans because of a flat tire? We know how frustrating it can be to have a flat tire when you are running late for work. With the portable tire inflator, you won’t ever have to worry about a flat tire.

Norshire Mini Tire Inflator


Norshire Mini Tire Inflator is a digital portable car tire inflator. This device can be charged on your car cigarette lighter. Norshire tire inflator can fit on the palm of your hands. It can instantly measure the pressure on your tire when connected and inflate it. The device automatically stops when the tire pressure is reached saving you from any accidents.

Air compressors help in the inflation of your tires easily with the touch of a button. This handy device can also be used in inflating everything such as bicycle tires or basketball.

7# Dyson V6 Car Handheld Vacuum:

Do you travel with children or pets? Do you think your car is always messy and has a lot of dust? Do you want to clean your card but don’t have a solution to it other than leaving it for servicing?

Dyson V6 Car Handheld Vacuum


We got a solution for you. We recommend you to buy the best portable car vacuum for vehicles called Dyson V6 car handheld vacuum. This vacuum cleaner helps clean your car and remove animal hair and even debris from your car seat. The powerful suction of this vacuum cleaner will even capture the smallest bit of dirt on your car.

This vacuum cleaner has 15 cyclones in two different tires which increases the power to capture tiny bits of dirt. The vacuum cleaner is also equipped with a variety of nozzles that can help you clean over even the awkward spaces of your car seat and on the car floor. You can also conveniently carry it around as it is portable and runs on battery for almost 20 minutes.

8# Handpresso Auto Maker:

Running late for work and haven’t had your breakfast yet? Late for work but you want just a shot of espresso? This coffee machine will help you make a perfect cup of espresso wherever you are in your car.

Handpresso Auto Maker


Handpresso automaker is a portable car coffee machine. This coffee maker plugs into the cigarette lighter of the car and runs on 12V. This portable device is easy to use and can be placed in the cup holder of your car. You just have to add hot water and an espresso coffee pod of your choice. Your coffee will just be ready at the press of a button.

You will be able to drink delicious espresso shows after waiting for 3 beeps of the machine. The coffee will be insured to be delicious with the 16 bar pressure of handpresso auto. Your high-quality espresso will be ready when you are commuting for work.

9# Sunsbell Car Kettle Boiler:

We talked about how you can make a cup of expression on the go. The next things we will introduce will work for both tea drinkers and coffee drinkers.

Sunsbell Car Kettle Boiler


Sunsbell car kettle boiler is a water heater that can plug into this cigarette lighter of your car. It is easy to use. You just have to pour water into the container and plug it into the cigarette lighter. The light indicator will indicate when the water is heated. This portable car kettle boiler will fit into the cup holder of your car and has a rubber band on the lid.

So with the help of this kettle boiler, you can make tea, coffee, and soup on the go. You can use it to boil water during the winter.

10# Cooluli Cooler & Warmer:

We also have a treat for you when going on road trips. This new gadget will help you keep your food fresh or your drinks cool and camping or on an adventure.

Cooluli Mini Fridge Electric Cooler and Warmer


Cooluli cooler and warmer is a mini-fridge. It is a portable mini fridge that can be used on your car on the go. This fits into the armrest of the back seat. This powerful device helps in keeping your drinks or food warm or cold. You can plug it into the cigarette lighter.

This Mini fridge has room for about 6 12 ounces cans. So you can store your beer, soft drinks, frozen items to keep it cool and store your lunch to keep it warm.

11# JBL Link Drive Car Google Assistant Device:

Turn your car into a smart car. All you need is a Google Assistant device on your car to make it safe and cool. JBL link Google assistant is a device that will help you connect to Google on your car. This device will activate the same way you activate Google assistant on your phone just by saying “Hey Google”.

JBL Link Drive Plug-and-Play Google Assistant for Vehicles


You can pair this device to your car stereo to play music. With the help of this device, you can get the knowledge of just a command. You just have to install this device by plugging it into the cigarette lighter of your car. You can connect it with your smartphone to start. You can use it to ask for any information about the road, weather, temperature are your plans for the day.

12# Actron U-Scan:

Save your visit to the mechanic with the help of a vehicle diagnostics device. With the help of this device, you will get to know about your car like you never have.

Actron U-Scan must have gadget for your car


Using the Actron U Scan as a Diagnostic device, to understand the problems that your car is facing. You can connect this device to your smartphone and get alerts about any problems with your vehicle. You will know the reason why your check engine light is on.

If you are a car owner and have been on for a long time, you know that mechanic visits are very expensive. So save yourself some money by using this device to know if there is any serious problem with your car before that mechanic visit.

13# BACtrack C8 Breathalyzer:

It is very unsafe for you to drink and drive. We condemn drinking and driving. If you are a casual drinker, then this device will be very helpful for you. BackTrack C8 is portable blood alcohol calculating breathalyzer. This breathalyzer will help estimate your alcohol level so you don’t drive while you’re drunk.

BACtrack C8 Breathalyzer for car


This device is very easy to use and understand. You can also connect this device to a smartphone which can help you call an Uber if you are above the alcohol level for driving. You can also use this device to track how alcohol affects your body. This device also provides you an estimated time until which your blood alcohol content concentration will fall to 0.

14# Bestek Car Adapter:

Have you ever needed to charge multiple devices on your car but could not? Need to use your laptop in your car but the battery ran out?

BESTEK 300Watt Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter Car Adapter


The best tech power inverter car adapter is the solution for you. This power adaptor has 3 AC outlets and 4 USB ports that can help you charge multiple devices. The power cord of the adapter is also long so it can reach the back seat of your car. The adapter is completely safe and can charge up to 7 devices at a single time.

You have to connect this device to the cigarette lighter of your car and it provides up to 500 words of output. The device auto cools itself and protects short circuits.

15# VEZO 360 Dash Cam:

We cannot stress enough how dash cam is important for your car. It prevents you from possible insurance fraud. It can be a device to claim your innocence and what happened and the accident.


This smart Dashcam has built-in artificial intelligence. The camera has a 360 video recording system and the video is recorded in 4K. This device has very impressive features. The device connects to your smartphone through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi which helps in saving and transferring videos.

The device also has a feature that scans your face and warns you if you fall asleep while driving. A 360-degree camera helps you leave no blind spot so you can know exactly what has happened when an accident occurs. The camera can also work when your vehicle is parked and you are not on your vehicle.

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