Author: Jithendar Dharmapuri

9+ Best Download Manager Software’s for Windows | Mac | Linux OS [2020]

Internet users are growing day-to-day and the downloading data from the internet has grown drastically. As per the latest survey average internet user in the US alone downloading 190 Gigabytes data in a single month. This is causing high latency or lagging issues while downloading files and leads to download failure, especially when downloading large […]

7+ Best file sharing apps for Smartphones (Android & iOS) in 2020!

In routine people share files with friends and family etc., in earlier we use infrared, Bluetooth and USB cable for sharing files with each other. Now smartphones arrived and changed all the traditional ways of sharing files between electronic gadgets such as smartphones, tablets pcs, desktops and laptops, etc. 2020’s best file sharing apps for […]

6 Reasons Why Installing CCTV Cameras at Home Is Not A Great Idea

Home is the place where a person feels the safest and most relaxed, but after you learn about the recent theft and robbery statistics, you might not feel that safe. Every year the number of robberies and home invasions is rising, and many people have decided upon implementing some security measures in their homes. Tip: […]

7 Smart parenting tips to Childproofing your Home Technology and Other Daily Gadgets

In today’s modern world, people rely on technology in almost everything they do. Even in households, you can see families investing in smart home technology—from basic home appliances to various entertainment devices. As parents, it can be quite alarming to see your kids getting exposed to technology, particularly the gadgets you have at home. In […]

6 Amazing Benefits of SAP HANA Smart Data Integration to Businesses

Any new technologies that are introduced in business environments invariably have one goal and that is to make existing systems simpler and easier to operate so that efficiencies and performances can be increased. One of the latest innovations that have currently made a huge impact is SAP HANA smart data integration in the area of […]

Best Android Cleaner Apps to Clear Junk files, Cache & RAM [2020]

Is your android device is slow? Is your android phone is hanging? If yes? You must try these best Android cleaner apps to improve performance. Every device ends up with slow performance after a couple of weeks and months usage. Because of the device you are using is fully accumulate with unwanted file cache and […]