Best Android Cleaner Apps to Clear Junk files, Cache & RAM [2021]

Is your android device is slow? Is your android phone is hanging?

If yes? You must try these best Android cleaner apps to improve performance.

Every device ends up with slow performance after a couple of weeks and months usage. Because of the device you are using is fully accumulate with unwanted file cache and junk files, now you need regular maintenance to Android devices.

If you are after ‘how to clean RAM, cache and junk files’ and boost your Android’s performance, you need to have a cleaner app (you can install it from Playstore). The cleaner apps tune up your device and clear the cache and junk files (unwanted) and help to boost Android performance. These apps also clean your RAM by killing background apps and tasks this can instantly impact your overall device performance.

Pro tip: To speed up Android you must remove/uninstall the unwanted applications from your devices. And do not install apps from untrusted sources.

Here are the 2021’s best Android cleaner apps for Phones/Tablets or any Android device:

CCleaner (Best overall Android clean up app):

CCleaner is popular among all cleaner apps and most using app, which is available for android and Windows. It will clean up your device’s RAM and storage by killing background tasks, cleaning accumulated cache files and junk files. It is also the best storage analyzer app for Android. You can download the CCleaner apk from the below link.

CC Cleaner cache and RAM cleaner and booster for android

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Developer: Piriform
Price: Free

This app allows you to deleted browser history, application cache, content on clipboard, call logs, and many more. You can also uninstall unwanted applications from your device with CC cleaner and free up device storage.

You can now optimize android device with only a few clicks, CC Cleaner is very simple and easy use, check additional features of CC Cleaner:

  • App manager (Uninstall unwanted apps here).
  • System Monitor (Check the CPU, RAM & Disk usage).
  • Storage analyzer and storage cleaner.
  • Tweak android and increase battery backup.
  • CC cleaner is always 1st in the list of Best Android Cleaner Apps.

Super Clean:

Super Clean – Master Cleaner & Antivirus is a powerful cleaner in 2020 with advanced features for Android devices. This app has an antivirus feature that can help you to remove viruses from the android phones/tablets and all other android devices. As per the statists over 1 billion people are using Super Clean, this also available as lite version and antivirus version. You can download Super Clean – Antivirus, app-lock, and Cleaner apk from the below link.

Super Cleaner Antivirus for Android Cleaning Speed Booster App

Super Clean-Master of Cleaner
Super Clean-Master of Cleaner
Developer: Clean
Price: Free

Super Clean free antivirus:

The free antivirus feature from a clean master allows you to scan the whole device to identify the virus and delete them. This can make your device safe and protects from malicious applications and files. This antivirus database will update timely to fight against online threats and viruses, this is the best and free antivirus tool android. Check the more Features here:

  • Cleanup space by deleting residual junk and files cache.
  • Scan and remove virus from the device.
  • Boost the device performance by clean the RAM storage.
  • No spam notifications, you can manage in the notification center.
  • Battery saving makes long usage of your device.
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Avast Cleanup:

Avast cleanup is the best and highly effective clear app available for android, which allows you to clean unwanted junk files, cache and RAM. Also, the inbuilt app manager helps you to remove unwanted application which was installed on the device.

Avast cleanup booster storage and memory cleaner

This app available in two modes which are free and premium, the premium has some extra features compared to the free version. The main features of Avast Cleanup are:

  • Junk Cleaner, App Manager, and storage booster.
  • Device manager with System screen (one place to monitor the device performance).
  • App hibernation helps to prevent apps in the run background and increase battery life.
  • Add more space with Cloud storage (OneDrive, Google Drive or DropBox).

Norton Clean:

Norton Clean is developed by the world’s largest cybersecurity company Symantec. Now you can use Norton Clean app to delete residual junk files, cache files, and remove unwanted apps to speed up Android devices.

Download Norton Clean Junk files Remover

Norton Clean, Junk Removal
Norton Clean, Junk Removal
Developer: Norton Labs
Price: Free

This app allows you to free up storage and optimize device performance, check the additional features of Norton Clean:

  • Residual Cache and Junk cleaner.
  • Stored APK file identifies and removal.
  • Storage and RAM optimizer.
  • Application manager to remove unwanted bloatware.

Droid Optimizer:

Droid Optimizer is the best and free android optimizer with ad-free. It will works on all android versions and help you to clean cache files, junk files and RAM to boost your smartphone performance within a seconds.

Download Droid Optimizer for Android

Droid Optimizer
Droid Optimizer
Developer: Ashampoo®
Price: Free

The most useful feature is you can schedule cleanup at a particular time. And it has many features such as:

  • Browser history cleanup.
  • Accelerate device performance by cleaning cache, junk, and RAM.
  • Application Manager to manage all installed apps at a single place.
  • Find big files and delete them easily to free up device storage.
  • Batter saving by killing unwanted background running apps.
  • Manage app permissions and identify spy apps.

1Tap Cleaner:

1Tap Cleaner is the simple and best Android Cleaner app to clean cache, junk files, and search history and default settings on your Android phone or any device. You can clear 5 types of data with this single app that are:

1Tap cleaner clear cache and history log on android

1Tap Cleaner (clear cache)
1Tap Cleaner (clear cache)
Developer: Sam Lu
Price: Free
  1. Cache Cleaner (clear hidden cache created by android apps).
  2. History Cleaner (clears browsing history).
  3. Call and Text log Cleaner (clear call log and SMS data).
  4. Defaults Cleaner (clear all default settings).
  5. SD Cleaner (delete junk files from SD card).

This application doesn’t require ROOT permissions to perform operations, it works on all kind of android devices. This app is very important for low memory devices.

Smart Clean:

smart clean a free junk cleaner log cache duplicate files cleaner for android

Smart Clean:Phone Junk Cleaner
Smart Clean:Phone Junk Cleaner
Developer: XtrasZone
Price: Free

Smart clean is the best app to clear cache in Android devices. It also cleans all the junk files, log files, duplicate files, temporary files, hidden files, and unnecessary big files from the device. You can also find empty folders, whitelist files/folders, blacklist files/extensions and perform data backup/restore.

All-In-One Toolbox:

All in one toolbox is a comprehensive android cleaner app. It’s an all-round Android cleaner and speed booster app which helps to clean storage, cache, and all unwanted junk file. It boosts the android’s speed and optimizes your device’s high-performance gaming. As the app name mentions this app performs all the tasks by a single tap.

All In One Toolbox Storage Cache Cleaner and RAM Speed Booster

  • Easy to use (remove cache and junk files easily)
  • A simple interface and user-friendly design.
  • Offers Deep clean by force closing running apps.
  • Free up RAM by closing unwanted apps that are running in the background.


Above is the list of best android maintenance apps that will boost your android phone’s performance in 2020. Thanks for reading our best Android Cleaner Apps, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for more updates like this. Keep sharing. Let us know your opinions in the comment section.

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