10 Best AI-powered Android apps that actually work in 2021

The concept of Artificial intelligence has been taking the world by storm. The growth of the AI ecosystem has been revolutionizing almost every aspect of our life. The AI apps simply learn from the enormous amount of data fed into it and help you handle a host of menial or complex tasks.

In sharp contrast to what had been the initial adoption of artificial intelligence, the technology has been adopted now by every industry. The application of AI technologies has helped improve either customer satisfaction or the enhancement of their business operations.

Top 10 AI-powered Android apps that actually work in 2021

Having understood how AI has been redefining the working of several areas of our life, we will check out a few artificial intelligence apps on Android that indeed work.

1. Amazon Alexa:

Alexa is a personal voice assistant and has become one of the strongest options for the best voice assistants with a host of features. Initially launched on Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot range of speakers, it has now moved ahead to become a part of the Android and iOS ecosystem.

Amezon alexa voice assistant

Amazon Alexa
Amazon Alexa
Developer: Amazon Mobile LLC
Price: Free

It does make use of voice queries and natural language processing when providing a host of services across multiple genres. A few of the services that it offers you include setting up alarms, streaming podcasts and other content, creating to-do lists, and looking up the web to answer a few of your questions. It can even provide you real-time info on weather, traffic, and news.

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2. Google Assistant:

Google Assistant is the voice assistant from Google. It is primarily available on mobile phones and other smart home devices. It works with a host of languages, but you can only work with the language you have set up as the system language.

Google Voice Assistant

Google Assistant
Google Assistant
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

Launched in 2016, the virtual assistant supports text and voice entries with a focus on Natural language Processing technology. You can get access to a huge number of service options that include voice-activated device control, voice searches, real-time translation, and a huge number of other options. The personal assistant does work with more than 10,000 devices across 1,000 brands.

3. Hound:

Hound is a natural search AI tool. This is one of the high-end voice-activated assistants that offer you access on both Android and iOS. It has been known for the faster and accurate results for all your queries. Just like Google Assistant, it works with the wake word, OK Hound.

HOUND Voice Search and Personal Assistant

The app combines the best features of speech recognition and language processing. You can use it for a wide range of activities and tasks such as weather forecasts, making cab bookings, calculations, or even finding the nearest businesses. The app has tied up with several service providers such as Ola and Uber, making it all the more interesting and effective.

4. Fyle:

Fyle is a powerful expense management database. The service is available across multiple platforms that include desktop, Android, and iOS. Having achieved accolades for its efficiency, it has recently announced integration with Google Drive and Microsoft 365.

Fyle - receipt scanner and expense reports

Fyle: Expense Reports
Fyle: Expense Reports
Developer: Fyle
Price: Free

The fact that the tool is used by the corporate biggies such as Royal Enfield and Communicorp use it should be what would make it one of the most reliable options in its genre. The tool does provide you access to a host of advanced features and functions such as tracking your corporate cards, expense reporting, travel advances, and a huge number of other features.

5. DataBot:

DataBot is yet another AI-powered chat assistant that is available on Windows, Android, and iOS. The tool is also available for a wide range of device options such as Xbox One, iPad, iPod, Android tablets, and Windows phones. In essence, it has been considered to be a step ahead of a standard voice assistant.

DataBot Virtual Assistant Powered With Artificial Intelligence

Voice Assistant: DataBot AI
Voice Assistant: DataBot AI

You can create customized multimedia presentations on the tool or even lets you customize it to meet your individual needs based on language, voice, and behavior. In fact, it keeps evolving more and more as you keep using it. You can even use it in multiple languages that include English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Portuguese. It integrates well enough with a host of services such as Google searches, Wikipedia, and RSS channels for providing you with accurate information.

6. Prisma AI Photo Editing:

The Prism AI photo editing tool makes use of cloud-based neural networks to process you’re your photos. The photo editing options offered by the tool convincingly convert your images into something very classical and professional. You can convert your photos into works of art.

Prisma Photo Editor with Artificial Intelligence technology

The app has more than 300 filters that can redefine your image and photos turning them into masterpieces. The complexity and power of imagination that the AI photo editor pours into your images is indeed something you would find quite worthy of appreciation. While it has a premium subscription, you can get a host of features for free.

7. Magisto AI Video editing:

If Prism is for your photos, Magisto is designed for AI-enhanced video editing. It has been a long-standing end to end video creation tool and lets you use artificial intelligence even when you are not an expert. Creating a masterpiece with a video is not something that would come easy. That is where Magisto assists you in creating perfect video editing with AI.

Magisto Video Editor - Music and Slideshow maker for android

The software does have a subscription model, but in most cases, you would find it quite expensive. However, you can get access to most of the features and functions worthy of trying on the free version. If you are into creating marketing videos, Magisto should be one of the prime options you would want to try out.

8. Replika:

Replika is an AI app designed to work as a friend. Of course, there have been several movies that have talked about the romantic attachment with the AI assistants (a classic example is Her). That is something that would be taking creative imagination to an absurd level, but it provides you an idea of what Replika can be.

Replika My AI Friend powered with AI for Android

Replika: My AI Friend
Replika: My AI Friend
Developer: Luka, Inc
Price: Free

If you are feeling alone or depressed, you can consider chatting up with Replika. The chatbot is always around helping you when you are alone. In fact, the growth of the natural language technology and conversational UI on the app provides you with an easy to use the understanding of the chats. In fact, instead of feeling as if you are chatting with a bot, you can get a feeling of talking with someone close to your heart.

9. SwiftKey Keyboard:

An intelligent typing assistant can be a great option for those of you who are someone who is involved in typing a lot. It is quite intelligent enough to correct your spellings and punctuations. It also comes with a huge range of features that let you customize the color, font style, theme, design, and also offers external emoji support.

Swift AI powered keyboard for android

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard
Developer: SwiftKey
Price: Free

The SwiftKey Keyboard comes with a host of advanced features that include custom and multilingual keyboard options. The AI-assisted autocorrections and prediction features offer you a high degree of assistance in getting the most out of your typing accuracy. Support for more than 300 languages should be what should make it a truly wonderful option ever.

10. Socratic:

Last, on our list of the best AI apps that really work on Android, Socratic is what can help you solve the problems in Maths. It can indeed double up as a smart AI-controlled app to ease out your tensions in solving the complex homework.

10 Best AI-powered Android apps that actually work in 2021 1

Socratic by Google
Socratic by Google
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

It works with a combination of AI and computer vision technology. That makes it one of the prime options to help you solve the mathematical problems within a few seconds with an instant explanation for each of the steps. The availability of videos to explain the step by step solution makes it a reliable tool. The AI app supports Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, History, and Literature.

Before we leave…

AI has been powering a huge range of tasks that we handle as part of our day to day life. In essence, the technology of science has redefined the way we have been using mobile apps. The implementation of AI has made using the apps more enjoyable while ensuring a more satisfactory user experience.

Listed here are only a few of the reliable and truly working AI apps on Android. The fact that the AI has now moved ahead of assisting the businesses alone and moving into the real world scenarios has made it one of the excellent solutions and set to change the human interaction with the machines and everything around.

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