How to Reduce Your Digital Footprint [Mac Users]

Many people spend a major chunk of their day surfing the internet. They may read the news, go through social media, or do some online shopping. While searching the web may seem completely harmless, they are leaving digital footprints behind that can be used to track their information. Even though a number of internet users are aware that they have been leaving behind digital footprints, they may not know what the harm is. To properly guide you, lets a take a look at what digital footprint means and how you can reduce yours.

What Are Digital Footprints?

Whenever you visit a website that installs cookies, post a picture on your Instagram, or take an online quiz to find out what type of bread you are, you are leaving behind a trail of digital footprints.

Digital FootPrints

It’s not easy to say what intentions the trackers have, but they can surely see many details about your personal life. They can find out your hobbies, residential area, source of income, online habits, personality traits, and a lot more.

But it doesn’t stop there. Having a bad digital footprint can mess with your ability to get a job because employers do a thorough background check these days. The easiest and the best way to reduce your digital footprint is to use a fake IP address Mac and be completely anonymous.

4 Ways to Reduce Your Digital Footprints?

Other than using a fake IP, there are a few different ways you can try that can help you reduce your digital footprint. Let’s check it out here!

1# Connect To Secure Wi-Fi Networks:

Many airports, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, and public places offer free Wi-Fi connectivity to everyone on the property. It may seem good, but you need to be more careful now that you know about the digital footprint.

It’s impossible to say how secure these connections are, and who might be watching your every move on the internet. That’s why it would be best to not convey any private information at all.

2# Try To Be Less Social:

Billions of people around the world use multiple social media platforms, and it makes sense because of how fun they can be. However, these are usually where everything goes wrong. Many people convey too much information, and they expose themselves.

You don’t have to boycott social media, just not post everything and anything on it. Keep your account private, don’t check in to each location you are visiting, and don’t divulge anything you wouldn’t tell a stranger.

3# Delete Old Accounts:

Old social media accounts are most likely not filled with a person’s proudest moments. That is why you need to try to remember as many old accounts as possible and delete them all.

While you are at it, delete or deactivate any accounts you made with a shopping site.

4# Bonus Tip:

To Reduce Digital Footprint you use burner information, If you want to access something or create an account with a website that is not essential at all, then you should not share your actual information. For this purpose, you can create another email address with a fake name and birth date. After a while, deactivate that and make another one.

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