How to Conduct a Reverse Image Search? [Latest Guide 2021]

If you want to conduct a reverse image search, then you are in the right place! Although reverse image search is not so common once you get to know about it, you will surely keep using it in the future.

So today we are going to tell you about the top ways in which you can make a reverse image search! Please read the different ways of the conduction of reverse image search so that you can easily understand the concept of it and can easily make reverse searches on your desktop system and on your mobile phone as well!

Understanding The Reverse Image Search!

If you want to make reverse image search, then you first need to know what it really means and what is the main concept behind it plus what is the main need of reverse search image today! So, first of all, you need to know that image search is just like the conventional keyword search.

Note: The main idea of the reverse image search is to simply search for details of an image by using the image itself instead of the keywords explaining it. This method is more accurate, and it gives you the most authentic details when it comes to search results!

Now you need the reverse search method today for personal as well as professional reasons. You must be wondering about the uses of it, and it is a fact that you won’t find one until we keep counting them, from getting details about your favorite celebrity crush to simply looking for recipes by looking at a single picture are the best examples of the need of personal reverse image search.

While talking about professional use of the reverse image search, you can easily use it to look for content that is said to be plagiarized, and by content, we specifically mean the pictorial or media content!

If you want to make a reverse photo lookup on a person’s profile picture, then this is the best tool for you, and you can easily use this to get all the details about the image and its origin! Now if we talk about the different ways of making reverse image search, then there are the top two ways that we would like to explain to you today!

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Search by Image Google!

The first way to make a reverse image search is by using the Google image search engine. This will help you in getting all the details about an image which includes its original source, similar images to the original one, about the owner of the image and also about the different shapes and sizes of the image.

how to search with images on google
Google Image Search
Note: You can also get the copyright details of the image with Google, and this will help you in understanding whether you can use the image in your content or not!

You can easily use the search engine by just right-clicking on the search bar and pasting the image over there or simply uploading the image by clicking in the camera icon that is available right next to the search bar. You can select any image from your gallery and can make a reverse picture search on that particular one.

Keep in mind that you cannot do a search on more than one image at a time! Now another important feature of the image search engine is that it allows you to make a reverse search on the basis of the URL of an image!

Using Online Tools for Reverse Image Search:

Now some people are not satisfied with the search results of the search engines, not because they lack quality or any problems of the sort but because of the reason that the search engine saves your image in its database and some people are not comfortable with this.

For a secure reverse image search, you can use the top online tools. These tools include:

  1. Reverse image search tool by SmallSEOTools!
  2. Reverse image search tool by Search engine reports!

These are the two top platforms from where you can do a secure reverse image search. The procedure is quite simple and free! You just have to upload the image or paste the URL of the image on the tool, and the tool will give you all the related results to it. After the search is done, the tool will delete your input data!

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  1. Nice idea but the main problem with Image Search is when they are not as crisp as the first picture is and it’s too small and unimportant to be in the top of the screen.

  2. Nice guide. I am using a reverse image search to get rid of fake news and Whatsapp forwards. It’s fun.

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